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Emily Donehoo is the only female in a family of five.  She yearns for honesty and friendly estrogen-minded folk.  She is a former High School English Teacher and National Trainer for the College Board.  She loves to speak authentically about the hard stuff that really matters, hoping to uncover the Truth that God has for us whether it makes us cry from laughter, pain or both at the same time.
She would love to share with your women’s group on any of the following topics:

"I'm a Grown-Up and I Can Buy Twinkies Whenever I Want."  The Story of Finding My Identity
             It took a long time, but Emily has finally realized that no one is going to force her into being who God made her to be.  She has the ability to run after God's plan for her life, regardless of the circumstances that stand in her way.  She can either play the blame game and mope about not having the time/energy/opportunities to become the person God made her, or she can be a grown-up and realize that no one defines her but God.

“Don’t Grow Up to be Fat Like Your Aunt Kimmy.”  My Story of Weight, Worth, and Wellness.
                What American woman hasn’t tied her weight to her worth?  Emily is no different.  This talk is her story of how perfection makes her fat, and failure makes her thin. 

“Balance is for Hippies and Gymnasts.  God Gave Me Seasons.”
                Oprah and mainstream media have been preaching the “You just have to find your balance” sermon for years.  In this talk, Emily dispels the myth that balance is what we should all be searching for, and goes to the Bible to discover that God gives us seasons instead.

“Measuring Stick”
                I’m measuring you, and you’re measuring me.  But more than that, we measure ourselves against an invisible measuring stick that when no one is watching, we beat ourselves with, “Rat a tat tat, rat a tat tat… Up one arm and down the other…”  Does God have a measuring stick?   If so, how do we measure up?

Coming Soon:
“The Day Fun Mommy Died” Tales of an Angry Mom
“Because I Said So…”  Why we should listen when that’s God’s answer .”
“Becoming a Farmer”  Parenting as an organic experience.
“Love and Poo… Why They’re One and the Same.” Sacrifice and Love
"You are Beautiful... And so am I." Stories of Self-Worth
“The Power of Parables”  Why Stories are the best parenting/teaching tool.

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